AIDP at IN.K.A.M.S. Final Dissemination Event

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AIDP is the Italian association for personnel management and has sponsored the IN.K.A.M.S. project, also taking part in the Final Dissemination Event, held last October 16th, with President Marzia Benelli.

AIDP Marche, which enhances the role of HR in companies and in society, understanding the emerging needs of managerial and organizational training, has participated with enthusiasm and conviction in the initiative, aware of how important it is to connect Universities and the corporate world to intercept the changes taking place.

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Dissemination continues …

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After the final event on October 16th, the IN.K.A.M.S. project it continues its dissemination, emphasizing its push towards the university world, spurring it on the training of professional figures in the Sales.

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IN.K.A.M.S. Final Event

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The IN.K.A.M.S. Erasmus+ project’s final dissemination event, entitled “Emerging Issues in Sales Education and Training”, will be held on October 16th 2019,  at the Faculty of Economics “G. Fuà” of Ancona. As hosted by the Italian partner, the event will begin with a greeting from the director of the Department of Management, Prof. Maria Serena Chiucchi, and the president of the Italian Association for Personnel Management, Dr. Marzia Benelli.

During the event, the project’s results (Intellectual Outputs) will be presented, preceded by an overview of the state of the art of Sales Education in Europe by Prof. Silvio Cardinali and PhD Candidate Marta Giovannetti. All this will end with a Practitioner Round Table that will see a discussion between various international realities on the issues addressed by the project.

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A video that shows the Movie Education Lab, hosted by the Università Politecnica delle Marche at the San Benedetto del Tronto site.
The moments of work and the voices of the protagonists enclosed in a few minutes, about a useful and stimulating experience, in which partners and students worked on their first practices with edutainment.

inkams  movieeducation inkamsmobility

IN.K.A.M.S. Mobility – Movie Education

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The Mobility is the focal point of the fifth phase of the European project Erasmus + IN.K.A.M.S. and it took place in the last few days (from 1st to 5th April), with Movie Education as its focus.

The partners from Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Slovenia and Italy met in Italy hosted by the UNIVPM – Università Politecnica delle Marche in its offices in Ancona and San Benedetto del Tronto, for an intensive session on innovative education methodologies stimulating skills and professional behavior, in particular on integration between traditional teaching methods, typical of university institutions, with experimental methodologies based on “edutainment”.

On meeting days the partners shared the storytelling and movie education methodology, creating the first laboratories on the subject, also finalizing the methods of implementation, verification and dissemination. Following various training sessions by members of the Italian University team and one by Roberto Gagnor, screenwriter at Disney Italy and a storytelling expert, the partners were involved in a movie education laboratory together with the Italian students of the Università Politecnica delle Marche headquarters of San Benedetto del Tronto, which allowed to experiment didactics and the methods of movie education.

Call for students

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Application call in the testing phase of

“IN.K.A.M.S. – International Key Account Management & Sale” Erasmus+

Programme in the Field of Higher Education Key Action 2 -Strategic Partnerships

Agreement n. 2017-1-IT02-KA203-036707

Students are invited to participate for free in testing innovative tools for training in the field of Key Account Management (KAM) and sales in international B2B setting.

Participants will receive an in-depth insight into state-of-the-art skills and knowledge of modern selling between organisations, then will test them in a practical way in the business field giving researchers and companies valuable feedback.

The registration is open from 13th Feb to 5th March (12:00 am). Students will be informed about selection results in 7 days after the call is closed. Students will be informed about selection results in 7 days after the call is closed.The selected students will be provided access to the e-learning platform (CLI.MA), with the loaded OERs and the additional tools. The Open Education Materials are about:strategic Sales Management, Coordinate and Manage sales relations: relationship selling and KAM, Analyse the market, sales knowledge and ICT sales, Build, manage and Leverage a sales Team.

Students will be included in the on-field experiences:

  1. SMEs check-ups (to acquire an organic and analytical cognitive framework of the commercial performance of SMEs: a list of companies will be provided by the Chambers of Commerce, students will select one or more company, subjecting them a questionnaire, collecting and analyse the data and preparing a final report);
  2. movie education labs to realize short films about typical sales situations.At the end of the training experience, expected for 31st May, students will receive an attendance certificate.The aforesaid program may undergo some variation in the dates.
Activities Timing
Access to the online materials from 15th March
Undertake company check-up from 15th April to 20th May
Movie education labs from 15th April to 20th May
Testing (OERs quiz, Check-up report and short films production) within 20th May

According to the project, 85 students from all Europe would be included into three phases:

  • testing the OER (Open educational Resources) and the teaching materials available on the web platform;
  • carrying out Check-Ups in some SMEs to analyse their business processes;
  • participating in the Storytelling Labs, to acquire storytelling techniques and interpreting short films with movie education logics films dedicated to the typical situations of sales processes.


The call for participation is opened for:

  • any European University student who can prove citizenship in any European country;
  • students of the 1st and 2nd Bologna cycle (Bachelor and Master programmes);
  • 2nd or 3rd year Bachelor program students or Master students in their 1st or 2nd year;
  • Students enrolled into Management, International Business and Management, Marketing, International Marketing, International Management, Economics, or Business and Administration programs at any European University


The merits of an applicant are evaluated as follows:

  • Preference will be given to students from International Management, International Marketing, Marketing, and International Management study programs in the order as written in this article;
  • English language level
  • Students, who have been on Erasmus+ exchange during their studies but not later than in the last 3 years, will be given the priority;
  • If there are unbalanced applications, the preference will be given to the gender that is less represented in the sample;
  • Students, who have the average of marks in academic year 2017/2018 more than 8 will be given priority.

Maximum number of points is 5, 1 point for each matched Selection Criteria, as follows:

Criterion No. of points
Study Program 1
English language proficiency 1
Erasmus + Exchange 1
Gender Balance 1
The average Academic Mark 1

Students will be informed about selection results in 7 days after the call is closed. Any complaint can be placed on 7 days after result communication and will be treated by the academic members of the INKAMS project.


Detailed training experience programme

Third Transnational Project Meeting in Sofia

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The third transnational IN.K.A.M.S. project meeting is just taking place in Sofia these days. November 22nd-23rd this international group gathered in Sofia to work on the development of this innovative project.

The IN.K.A.M.S. – International Key Account Management & Sales project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union aims to realize, pilot, disseminate and systematize a new University-based learning program focused on International Sales & Key Account Management, enables the development of International Sales and Key Account Management skills, with innovative, interactive modes that are adaptable to business and individual needs.

The project is based on the premise that business people are the second most demanded profession anywhere, according to international employment agencies. However, only 5% of university marketing courses take into account the field of sales. Instead, the project team explains that these knowledge and role provide 40% of the added value in the relationship with the client.

The IN.KAMS project involves  is made up of eleven partners from five European Union countries, between universities and chambers of commerce, and is led by the Politecnica Università delle Marche, Italy.

The bulgarian partners involved are UNWE and ITPIO.

The work they have undergone in the last months, since the last meeting in Spain, is the development of augmented reality video lessons, to complete a multimedia platform that will allow to enrich university education with diverse sources and methodologies, to complete and strengthen the international sales and key account management skills.