Third Transnational Project Meeting in Sofia

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The third transnational IN.K.A.M.S. project meeting is just taking place in Sofia these days. November 22nd-23rd this international group gathered in Sofia to work on the development of this innovative project.

The IN.K.A.M.S. – International Key Account Management & Sales project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union aims to realize, pilot, disseminate and systematize a new University-based learning program focused on International Sales & Key Account Management, enables the development of International Sales and Key Account Management skills, with innovative, interactive modes that are adaptable to business and individual needs.

The project is based on the premise that business people are the second most demanded profession anywhere, according to international employment agencies. However, only 5% of university marketing courses take into account the field of sales. Instead, the project team explains that these knowledge and role provide 40% of the added value in the relationship with the client.

The IN.KAMS project involves  is made up of eleven partners from five European Union countries, between universities and chambers of commerce, and is led by the Politecnica Università delle Marche, Italy.

The bulgarian partners involved are UNWE and ITPIO.

The work they have undergone in the last months, since the last meeting in Spain, is the development of augmented reality video lessons, to complete a multimedia platform that will allow to enrich university education with diverse sources and methodologies, to complete and strengthen the international sales and key account management skills.

Press conference at Camera di Commercio di Macerata: UNIVPM presents IN.K.A.M.S

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13th february 2018: UNIVPM (professor Silvio Cardinali) and Camera di Commercio di Macerata (Lorenza Natali and vice president Francesco Fucili) present IN.K.A.M.S. project to local press, enhancing the local and international need for university trained and high skilled international sales and key account managers. Source: Il resto del carlino – Macerata

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